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Psychosexual Therapy

Psychosexual Therapy is a specialist area of Pyschotherapy/Counselling for individuals and couples (regardless of sexual orientation). It is used to treat the sexual difficulties described on the previous page.

Often, sexual problems which have very obvious physical symptoms, such as pain (e.g. vaginismus) or difficulty in maintaining erections, can be treated by specific physical exercises, which would be explained by the therapist but practised by the client/s alone at home. It is also usually necessary to look at what is happening in the sufferer's thoughts or feelings. Using a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and relationship counselling, psychosexual therapy can be very effective in resolving sexual problems.

I have had extensive training in Psychosexual Therapy, and regularly work with clients experiencing a range of difficulties that can be addressed through such a course of treatment.

I will, if appropriate, propose a treatment plan for problems which have a psychological or emotional basis, based on an individual's or couple's specific needs. I will establish whether clients need to self refer to their GP or another specialist for medical advice. There will not be a physical examination.

Clients are encouraged to set their own goals, depending on what they wish to achieve. When the problem involves a current relationship, it can sometimes be helpful if both of you participate in the therapy. The therapy will involve discussing problems in a psychotheraputic way, and the setting and evaluation of homework tasks. Homework may be cognitive behavioural exercises or simply reflective tasks.

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